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Entry #22

A Riddle in a Poem(try to figure it out)

2008-09-17 16:04:31 by quickwing23

They can hurt
They can kill
They can save the life
Of someone who's ill.

They can wound
They can heal
They can speak
Or make a meal.

They can save the world
Or turn it black
They can live
They can lack.

Free as birds
They speak louder than words.


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2008-09-17 16:05:13


quickwing23 responds:

Nope, but if no one else guesses, then ill tell the answer. remeber "they" fire would be "it" and no its not fires either. it has to be somehting plural.


2008-09-17 18:36:37


quickwing23 responds:

Close but no, its actually actions! For actions speak louder than words! good work for trying!


2008-10-29 10:29:49

Um... Humans?
If it's not humens then I dunno...
Nice poem though!


2008-10-29 10:32:07

Oh, it's actions...
So actions are free as birds? That sounds weird...

The last sentence is clever though...

(Updated ) quickwing23 responds:

sry... little slow to respond. idk they're free.... kinda like birds...besides it rhymed with birds, at least make it flow more.